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Artwork Guide/FAQ’s

Image Guidelines

To make sure your personalised cardboard cutout looks as realistic as possible, please read our tips for submitting your images below. It’ll tell you all you need to know to ensure your photos are suitable for making a great cutout.


Personalised Cardboard Cutouts

Personalised Cardboard CutoutsThe larger the image size the better, where possible please do not use photos from Instagram, Facebook or other social media networking sites where the images are likely to be thumbnail-sized. The perfect device to capture and send an image for a personalised cutout is a good-quality digital camera or camera phone that can take high-quality photos. Please send photos that are a minimum of 1MB or higher would be best. When you place your order please use the photo upload facility on the order page and it will be emailed automatically to us. If there is an issue with the quality of the photo we will contact you as soon as possible.

How big can the cutouts be?

We produce various sized cutouts but the maximum height for all cutouts is 6ft.

What type of image/photo will work best for my cutout?

A clear, full-length head-to-toe shot of the person/people that you would like featured in the cardboard cutout will work best at a file size of 1MB or higher. If you are using an old photo please make sure you can clearly see the person and the details are in focus. If you scan the photo ensure it is done at 600 DPI to achieve the best possible copy of the print.

What if arms and legs are missing from my photo?

We will need a full-length photo to create your cardboard cutout.
What sort of cardboard cutouts can be created?

Anything you like! Dinosaur cutouts, pet cutouts, kids’ cartoon character cutouts, alien cutouts, monster cutouts, pretty much anything you like! At Personalised Cardboard Cutouts, we also cater for Hen and Stag do’s so where we may not be able to display all of the adult-themed cutouts (due to age restrictions) that we have produced we can certainly create them for you!

Can I add a personal message/speech bubble to my cardboard cutout?

Personalised Cardboard CutoutsAbsolutely! Just upload your photo in the shop section, type your text into the “Speech Bubble” box and your message will be automatically added to your order (please note that optional speech bubbles are subject to an additional £5.00 charge).

Can you produce cardboard cutouts of famous people and celebrities?

Sure, if you would like a cutout of a celebrity and you have their permission to use their photo then we can create a cutout for you but please note that we cannot be held responsible for any image rights associated with the photo and we wouldn’t want you to get into trouble either. By sending us a photo you are certifying that you have the right to distribute the photo. If you have any questions please ask, for full details about permission to reproduce images please read our Terms & Conditions Policy.

What about permission rights to reproduce images?

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have full permission to send and reproduce any images that you send to us so that it does not offend anyone – that wouldn’t be much fun, so please make sure that you double-check that it’s ok before you email us anything. By sending us a photo you are certifying that you have the right to distribute the photo. If you have any questions please ask, for full details about permission to reproduce images please read our Terms & Conditions Policy.

What file format should I upload my image in?

We accept image files in PDF, JPEG, AI, EPS and TIFF formats.

How can I make sure that my image is at a high enough resolution to make it into a lifesize cardboard cutout?

We recommend that the image is at least 1MB in size for best quality.

If you’re not sure what resolution your image is, a good test is to zoom in on the image you want to use until the subject’s face fills your monitor. If the image is still clear and not blurred at this level of zoom, then it should be a high enough quality to produce a cardboard cutout.

How do I send you my photo/image?

When you place your order within the shop section of our website you will see a button that allows you to upload your photo. Click on the button to upload your photo and it will automatically be sent to us as part of your order. There is a maximum file size so if you encounter any problems just contact us.

How do I personalise my order with the text that I want?

Personalised Cardboard CutoutsDepending on the type of cutout you order you can personalise it with a message of your choice. Once you have chosen your cutout and have it added it to your cart use the text box to type in the message you want and it will be sent to us as part of your order (there is a 30-character limit).


What if there is a problem with my image? Will I still be charged?

If there are any problems with the image that you upload for your custom cardboard cutout we will get in touch by email or phone to try to resolve the issue. You won’t be charged if your image is unsuitable.

How long will it take to order?

Please allow 5-7 working days to process your order and delivery would be within 10 days from the day you make your order. We offer an Express Delivery (delivery within 3 days)  service too. For urgent orders please contact us to see if we can process your order more quickly, additional processing and delivery charges will apply.

Other Tips

Light backgrounds work best.
Crop the image so that the subject (person) fills the image.



We are here to help!

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