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Fun and Affordable Personalised Cardboard Cutouts, Pet Cutouts, Celebrity Cutouts, Personalised Wall Stickers, Personalised Wrapping Paper, Invitations, Printeed Wall Paper and lots more! Serving both personal and business/corporate clients talk to us, we can cater for all of your printing needs!

About Personalised Cardboard CutoutsJust by the name of our company alone, you might have guessed what we do! Our products are never boring thanks to all of the fun photos our customers send to us to transform into personalised cardboard cutouts. We can transform your photos and pets into lifesize cutouts and if you want to invite a celebrity along to join in then we can sort that too as we also supply a wide selection of kids character cutouts to make your next kids party one to remember and celebrity cutouts of all of your favourite movie stars, sports personalities, pop stars, reality TV stars and politicians, yes we do have Boris Johnson!  But it doesn’t end there, our state of the art printers can create personalised wrapping paper, invitations, selfie frames, wallpaper, wall stickers and much more! If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website just give us a call and we will discuss your individual requirements – there’s no job too big or small for us!

Custom cardboard cutouts stand out from the crowd. They are designed to create instant impact and that makes them perfect for special events, celebrations, product launches, exhibitions, business events, trade shows or anywhere you want to be noticed or promote your business and products. Our advanced printing and computer-aided cutting machines allow us to provide affordable custom cutouts. All we need from you is a high-resolution photo of the person you want to be turned into a cutout, and we will do the rest!

personalisedcardboardcutoutsOur celebrity cutouts and face masks have appeared on MTV on Geordie Shore so we can print anyone you like as long as you have a good quality photo of the person (and their permission of course as we don’t fancy you or us getting into trouble!).

About Personalised Cardboard CutoutsFull-size cardboard cutouts are better than posters because they are more realistic and create more impact. We provide a fun service, but we are serious about it. We ensure our products are of high quality and keep our customers in the loop during the whole process. We are a UK based standees company that strives to keep our customers satisfied all the time and we deliver to anywhere in the UK and accept International orders.

Our personalised cardboard cutouts are unique because our customers are the ones who provide the images to be made into cardboard cutouts. We make cutouts of all sizes (up to a max height of 6ft) and each one comes fully supplied with a free back strut to make them stand up on their own. The back strut can be folded to allow the cutouts to be hanged on walls if preferred. The custom cutouts are portable, they can be folded for easy shipping and storage and assembly will take less than two minutes.

Hen's party selfie frameWhy cardboard? Well, we use cardboard because it is an industry standard. The material works well for the product because it is rigid and makes it perfect for use at conferences, parties, retail displays, memorials or in one’s home. You can also write on the cardboard cutouts, which is ideal for signing during special occasions and to cherish as a keepsake for the years to come. You can also opt to place speech bubbles on the cutouts to give them a more customised touch. The speech bubble can be blank and you can write your own message on it or you can add your personalised message to your order. If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

Uses of Cardboard Cutouts

Cardboard cutout for a weddingPersonalised cardboard cutouts are perfect for children’s or adult birthday parties, wedding anniversary parties, engagement parties, stag and hen do’s etc. A photo of the guest of honour can be used for the cutout. Couples can use their original wedding photo to create a unique standee or create a mini cutout as a cake topper for the wedding cake. A cutout of the couple during their engagement ceremony can greet guests as they arrive. Office parties will be more entertaining with a cutout of the boss to greet the staff and keep an eye on them! The company’s endorser can be used during conferences and trade shows. It is also the perfect substitute for someone who can’t attend a wedding or party of a close friend or family member due to unavoidable circumstances. Whatever the occasion we can cater for your needs!

In the past, standees were just for athletes, actors and celebrities. Now anyone can have their personalised cardboard cutout! We are a UK based standees expert that can make cutouts of you, a family member, the family pet or a friend for individuals and businesses. We create high-quality cardboard cutouts based on your individual photos. Our team can crop out the background of the image you send us and print the subject into a cutout that stands on its own. Our cardboard cutouts can be based on anything you like, your pet, cars, holiday photos, all you have to do is send us the photo and we will take care of the rest!

Pet cardboard cutoutThere are families who may have one member away for work or who have sadly lost loved ones. People sometimes put up photos of their loved ones at memorials. Now you can order a custom cutout for the same purpose as an alternative. The standees are lifesize and while normal photos can also provide the same effect, personalised cardboard cutouts are more realistic.

Seasonal special occasions such as Xmas, Easter or Halloween are also more fun with cardboard cutouts! You can decorate your home with various elves, easter bunny’s, cartoon characters, horror film favourites, zombies, vampires, pumpkins, or even the grim reaper.  As long as there’s a good photo, we can turn it into a cutout! Cutouts can also be used throughout the year and make the perfect party accessory.

Educational Use of Cardboard Cutouts

Dinosaur Cardboard CutoutAt Personalised Cardboard Cutouts, we can also create custom cutouts for schools and other educational centres. Cutouts can be included to make classes more lifelike and interesting for children.

Nursery and preschool teachers can use them to introduce a life-sized object to young children so that they can understand the subject matter better. There are some instances where a 2D image may not be enough to explain the subject.




Advertising Cutouts, Promotional Stands & Full-Size Cardboard Cutouts for Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Corporate cardboard cutoutFor all your company marketing, promotional and advertising needs please get in touch with our experienced team. From giant coffee cups to camels and display stands to social media frames, vinyl stickers that can be stuck to any surface there is no job too small or too big for us. We have produced a lot of commercial standees cutouts for popular brands and charities. We do large point of sale prints as well as life-size cutouts that are great for promoting your business or product range at trade shows, exhibitions and corporate events. We use high-quality materials and offer a friendly and professional service. We can deliver anywhere in the UK and accept International orders. Whatever your requirements are please talk to us, we can accommodate all of your requirements and offer trade discounts on larger orders for businesses. Take a look at our Corporate Cutouts page to view a selection of the cutouts that we have produced for various businesses and events. Click here.

Image Guidelines and How to Achieve the Best Results

We make cardboard cutouts from the photos our customers send to us. When you place your order use the image upload facility and your photo will be emailed straight to us and if there is a problem with the photo quality we will contact you as soon as possible. Please note that the cardboard cutouts have a maximum height restriction of 6ft. To ensure that the photos will look good when converted into life-sized cutouts when taking a photo, set the camera to the highest quality setting. Make sure that the subject is in focus with their legs in full view.

Old photos must be scanned as a high-resolution image. We will inform you whether the photo you submitted is suitable for printing. We can also give advice on the ideal size for your custom cutouts, just ask and we are happy to help!

The next time you need a personalised cardboard cutout, for business or pleasure, please visit www.personalisedcardboardcutouts.com first. We provide high quality and durable products, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and we are here to help you have fun at your next event!

Personalised Cardboard Cutouts



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